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London Literature Walking Tours

Bloomsbury Literature Walking Tour

Lived in squares, read in circles and loved in triangles! Bloomsbury has much more to be scared of than the Woolfs. There is Arthur Machen prowling the fringes, Ben Aaronovitch's wizard HQ in Russell Square, Disraeli in Bloomsbury Square not to mention messrs Orwell, Betjeman, Gorky, Yeats and Eliot.

Peckham Literature Walking Tour

Literary giants to classic genres Peckham has a wealth of writing talent associated with it spanning 400 years. Poets and novelists have written in it, about it and around it and whilst Blake saw angels, King saw stars and Dickens his mistress! Muriel Spark wrote a balled of the Rye and John Donne a sonnet and Evie Wyld about whales. Join us on a stroll across the Rye and through the heart of SE15.

Southwark Literature Walking Tour

"The man who is tired of reading Borough writers is tired of life, for there is in the Borough all that literature can afford!" But Dr Johnson is just one of a stellar collection in an area which has more world class writers than anywhere else on the planet! Tour starts at Southwark Tube Station and ends at Borough Tube Station.

Family Walking Tours London Focused

London Animals Walking Tour East

Geese tethered to the Monument, mice and camels on buildings, lions and bears at the tower, horses everywhere, an "immortal"ť cat not to mention dolphins, elephants and birds of prey. Lovely stroll along the banks of one of the world's cleanest urban waterways, after all 130 species of river wildlife can't all be wrong.

London Animals Tour West

Horses, pelicans, lions and camels not to mention the grave of a "nazi" dog, the famous Brown Dog riots, an elephant running amok on the Strand and buried dinosaurs under Trafalgar Square. Both animal tours come with "spot the animal" score cards and prizes.

Architecture Tours

The City of London

Architectural Melting Pot of the World: the development of English Baroque from St. Paul's Cathedral to Christchurch Spitalfields with Gothic Revival, Hi-Tech and late Arts & Crafts in between.

Romantics, Rationalists & Housing Reformers

from Lambeth North to the Borough through Blake's poetic Eden to Octavia Hill's garden suburb.

Classical Future or Gothic Past?

from Whitehall to Victoria to decide if London is a classical city looking to the future or a Gothic city living in the past

Radical London

Russian Revolutionaries

Russian Revolutionaries, Merchant Adventurers and Peter the Great in Greenwich. Greenwich's role in 200 years of Russian history as the capital of Britain's maritime empire.


Walking tour of historic London’s most politically radical district – Clerkenwell – with London Blue Badge Guide, Sean Mitchell.

Tour will mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, and we will see where both these world-cParliament.

War & Peace in Waterloo

a walk through Waterloo's historical development as a response to war and peace in her architecture and the literary character of Frankenstein's monster!

Hammersmith Radicals & Revolutionaries tour

a walk that takes in escaped slaves, executed anti royalist rebels, William Morris, Irish republicans and Russian revolutionaries dotted throughout the charming riverfront and backstreets of Hammersmith.

Herzen and the radical tradition article.

Sean is a leading researcher into the life of Alexander Herzen who lived and worked in London and had a printing press in Bloomsbury. There is an article here by Maria Kruglyak in Russian Art and Culture online on the life of Herzen by Maria Kruglyak featuring Sean's work.

From the Muscovy Company to the Menshevik Split

a walk from Tower 42 (former NatWest Tower) to the Whitechapel Road - a journey through 350 years of Anglo-Russian history in the City of London and the East End.


From the very first Free Russian Press in history set up by Alexander Herzen in 1853 to the aristocratic Russian literary critic who died in the Gulag in 1939 for his preference for the ideological intensity of the Soviet Union over the political banality of the Bloomsbury Set, we will touch on all the main stages of the Russian Revolutionary Movement up to and beyond 1917 in this extraordinary area of London!

We will see the house where Lenin finished formulating the ideology of the new Soviet order. We will encounter the Romantic revolutionary who stabbed to death the head of the Tsarist secret police and then pursued the overthrow of the autocracy through winning over British public opinion with an English-language newspaper. We will reveal where the Populist who inspired the idealistic Russian youth to ‘go to the peasantry’ ended his time in London having failed to persuade the Revolutionary Movement to persist with his political education programme. We will meet the Revolutionary Populist who had just finished serving a sentence in Wormwood Scrubs for calling for the assassination of the Tsar but would still go on to be the very first political prisoner of the Bolsheviks in Petrograd in 1917. We will discover the place where Nechaev, the sinister nihilist who inspired the main character of Dostoevsky’s novel “The Devils”, published the sole edition of his London-based newspaper. And we will encounter the British architect who was inspired by Soviet Constructivism personally from his Soviet émigré mentor.

All on the streets of Bloomsbury!

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