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London liars tours

Welcome to 2019 tour list with a revamped Pimlico and Chelsea Tour (Made Up in Chelsea). There are often several different routes around our existing areas, six around London Bridge for example, so please ask about variations that might be possible. We cover most areas along the river from Docklands to Chelsea as well as inland to Fleet Street in the north and Elephant and Castle in the south. In addition we have neighbourhood liars' tours of Camberwell, Brixton, Clapham and Bloomsbury.

Liars' Tour List 2019

Bankside walking tour (AKA Bankside Balderdash)

Bankside neighbourhood walking tour. Borough Market to Oxo Tower past Globe, Tate Modern, Clink and Millennium Bridge, expect bear baiting, theatrics and London folklore on this Thames guided tour.

Borough liars' walking tour (AKA Borough Bluffers)

Southwark and Borough guided walking tour. Borough tube to London Bridge past the Marshelsea, CrossBones Graveyard, and Guys Hospital, lots of literary lies, medical mendacity and fake folklore.

Blackfriars walking tour (AKA Liars Around Blackfriars)

Guided neighbourhood tour of Blackfriars covers herds of feral swine, mafia hits and strange religions. Our interactive Blackfriars walk features Blackfriarsí Bridge, Ireland Yard and the river Fleet. If you fail to spot the fibs you may end up speaking Welsh, dancing Scottish or singing Jerusalem.

Bloomsbury neighbourhood walking tour (AKA Museum Mendacity)

A fun guided walking tour between Euston and St. Giles via Russell Square that features strange ghosts, substance abuse, literary greats and violent street disorder.

Brixton liarsí walking tour (AKA Brixton baloney)

Alternative walking tour of Brixton features music halls, shopping, electricity, music and immigration. You get to win prizes, sing Bowie, dance rave and speak polari.

Battersea Walking tour (AKA Nine Elms Nonsense)

Guided walking tour from Battersea Power Station through Nine Elms towards Vauxhall Bridge. No flying pigs but plenty of porkie pies on this stroll between Chelsea and Vauxhall Bridges past dogsí homes converted power stations, markets and the new US embassy. It features a river god carrying a dolphin and explores some strange facts about Nine Elms, the Thames and why Russian train stations are called Vozhal.

SE5 walking tour (AKA Lies to tell in Camberwell)

Guided liars' tour of Camberwell and Denmark Hill featuring beauties, theatres, art and wickedness. Allís well in Camberwell as the borough crest says.

Canary Wharf guided walking tour (AKA Docklands Deceptions)

Fun and interactive walking tour of Canary Wharf and Docklands features forgotten East End canals, Chinese opium dens, occult architects, dodgy dockworkers, the "Blood Alley" and top prizes.

Chelsea walking tour (AKA Made Up in Chelsea)

Interactive walking tour starts at Sloane Square and this alternative Chelsea walk goes up the Kings Road and ends at the Thames. It might mention Made in Chelsea, lavatory humour, secret agents, phantom Eskimos, wombats, ultra violence and suicidal sea captains.

Clapham Common walking tour (AKA Clapham Claptrap)

Fun tour of SW4 features migration, moments of madness, Morrissey and much more. Guided walking tour starts at Clapham South and ends at the Old Town.

Alternative walking tour of Clerkenwell (AKA Clerkenwell Charades)

A guided walking tour of Clerkenwell that features revolutionary heroes, from Lenin to the Regency revolutionaries. There are crusading ambulance drivers, as well as the opportunity to dance rave and speak Welsh on this walk around the old Clerkís Well.

Guided walking tour of Smithfield neighbourhood (AKA Farringdon Fibs)

Meat, mayhem, mohawks and murder are on the menu for this alternative walking tour of Smithfields and Farringdon.

Walking tour from Aldgate to Monument (AKA Fenchurch St Fabrications)

Fun walking tour from Fenchurch Street to Monument that is full of delicious deceptions and dodgy dissimulations about the river Thames, executions, zoos, royalty and cheese.

Alternative Fitzrovia walking tour (AKA Fitzrovia Falsehoods)

Stories of revolutionary plotters and fascist painters, alcoholic writers and Ďsecretí military installations, not to mention peeping Toms, slavery and other oddities on this guided tour of north SoHo.

Alternative Fleet Street Tour (AKA Fleet Street Fakes)

Guilded walk from St Brides to Holborn (or vice versa) featuring cross-eyed statues, smutty stories, ancient giants and lots of literary tales on this guided walking tour through the heart of Londonís old newspaper district.

Hammersmith Hoaxes walking tour

Liars' walking tour of Hammersmith featuring cross dressing escaping slaves, forgotten serial killers, lost docks, Russian revolutionaries and, of course, Ziggy Stardust. All this and a beautiful bridge, gorgeous riverside and a strange ghost.

Alternative Holborn Walking Tour (AKA Holborn Humbug)

Fun walking tour of Lincolnís Inn Fields and Holborn featuring lost erotica, abandoned nightclubs, crusaders, lawyers and dead poets as well as the opportunity to sing Bowie songs, dance techno and pose saucily.

Guided tours of Kensington (AKA W8 Whoppers)

Interactive walking tour of Kensington High Street and Kensington Gardens featuring spies, royalty, shopping and some Carry On characters as well as your chance to insult strangers, joust and start a very small fire. Or we have another fun walking tour at South Kensington.

Kings Cross Neighbourhood Walking Tour (AKA Kings Cross Counterfeits)

Guided area walk around St Pancras and Kings Cross which delves in to the history of the area. This fun tour of NW1 Includes Harry Potter, Thomas Hardy, Frankenstein as well as the lost river Fleet and a warrior queen on this walk in NW1.

Limehouse area walking tour (Lee Valley Leg Pulls)

Guided walking tour in the old docklands of London with top tales of British cinema, literature and politics, all on one place on the Limehouse cut. Learn about Londonís original Chinatown and how an old sailorís mission influenced punk rock.

London Bridge Area walking tour ( AKA London Bridge Liars)

Fun guided tours starting at The Monument and going under London Bridge, over Southwark Bridge and Millennium bridge. These Thameside walking tours feature the north and south banks of the river, Tate Modern, Globe and / or Borough Market. Ideal liars' tour for first time visitors to London interested in history, good views and prizes.

Mayfair neighbourhood interactive walking tour (AKA Misleading Mayfair)

Alternative guided tour through the West End where even some of the trees have life insurance. Discover Britainís strictest shopping mall, the flat where Friedrich Handel inspired Jimi Hendrix and a square of nightingales which is reputed to have Londonís most haunted house.

Paddington area walking tour (AKA Paddington Pretence)

Some bare faced falshoods and wonderful stories in this guided walking tour from railways and canals to revolutionaries, punk rock subways and bears. Forfeits include marmalade and pogoing.

Piccadilly area guided walking tour ( AKA Trafalgar Travesties)

Fun walking tour from Trafalgar Square to Green Park via St Jamesí Park. See some of London's top sights and hear stories of Piccadilly warriors, gay languages, Nazi dogs, naval heroes and lovesick gardeners who are all are amongst the cast on this stroll. Given the adult themes this is a good tour for hen nights or stag dos.

Alternative tour of Shoreditch (AKA Hoxton Humbug)

Interactive walking tour from Old Street to Spitalfeilds full of hipster horrors, theatrical and artistic tales of madness, sex and shopping.

Soho neighbourhood tour (AKA Soho Subterfuge)

Fun guided walking tour where Mozart stayed and TVs were demonstrated. Thereís revolution amongst the sex and drugs and rock and roll on this walk around Soho.

Waterloo area walking tour (AKA South Bank Shenanigans)

Guided tour from Waterloo to Westminster Bridges You get to be an assassin, talk like a Liverpudlian, sing Jerusalem and reveal secrets to strangers on this guided walking tour of Londonís south bank.

Interactive walking tour of St Jamesí (St Jamesí Slander)

A whole series of royal love stories in reverse, peculiar couplings and bizarre love triangles on this fun walking tour along the Mall and Pall Mall.

Interactive Spitalfields Walking Tours (AKA Eastern Evasions)

Guided walk around Spitalfields Market featuring some truly barking tales of lost cats, hidden weapons, migration, market traders and using guide books aggressively.

Strand fun walking tour (AKA Charing Cross Calumny)

A guided walking tour from Somerset house to Charing Cross that features daft statues, strange buildings, odd shops and all manner of improbable London stories. You get to eat oranges, walk like an Egyptian and smell the sewers of old London.

Alternative Tower Bridge walking tour (AKA Pool of London Porkies)

Circular guided walking tour from Monument over Tower Bridge and back along the Southwark side to London Bridge. This interactive walking tour features tall tales about animals, food, warfare and nursery rhymes amongst others, whilst you get to talk like a pirate and act a Shakespeare part.

Alternative Vauxhall walking tour (AKA Pimlico Pretence)

Liars' tour of Vauxhall and Pimlico featuring strange bridge stories and river folklore, as well as odd architecture, spies, art and sacrifice.

Alternative Whitehall tour (AKA Westminster Whoppers)

Guided walking tour of Westminster area where you can discover an architect who went mad from overwork as well as one who turned a government ministry into a railway station, one of Britainís bravest women spies and whatís wrong with the lions on Trafalgar Square.

Neighbourhood walking tour of Wapping (AKA Ratcliffe rewrites)

Escaped animals, well hung pirates, Art Garfunkel's lost Wapping album as well as murder, mayhem and witchcraft on this alternative guided tour of Ratcliffe and Wapping.

Lefty Whitechapel Liars

This is not a Daily Express headlines or Tory howl of outrage but rather a radical history tour of Whitechapel that tests you on your Lenin & Lennon, your Karl Marx and Marks & Sparks, Stalin & Stollen. As well as Lenin, Stalin and Prince Kropotkin there is a heady brew of nationalism, migration, the Elephant Man, gentlemen of murder and the founding of the English Parliament.

"What do we want? Lefty Liars! When do we want them? Now!"

Fibbing Phantoms

There are many ancient and oft told ghost stories in Old London town. There are also some that are just made up. Walking tour professionals refer to this type of thing as a "tour mash up" we just see it as opportunity to tell top tales, see some iconic London sites and perform on the streets.

Tweets by Chris Roberts @oneeyegrey on behalf of LDN Street Tours