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Pretty much all our basic, liars, architecture or other tours start at 100 for up to 12 people except for...
  1. the two handed liars' start at 200.00 as they require two guides.
  2. our new couple's specials that offer two lovely people their own tours for 50.00
  3. our bespoke tours which cost, well, as much as it takes to create something wonderful
  4. some of our special promotions.

Bespoke: Prices vary on these highly personalised and specially scripted tours depending on length of tour, time spent in preparation and number of guides required so please get in touch, tell us what you'd like and we'll create the perfect individually crafted event for you. We can also devise neighbourhood specific treasure hunts, talks or other activities.

There is no charge for consultation.

Contact: For a rapid response to your queries and questions please use this form Or for a rapid response to your queries and questions please contact us via email tours at londonstreettours dot co dot uk


How do you know all this stuff about London?

The quick answer is a love of stories and place, ongoing study and living it. The longer one is a love of stories and place, ongoing study, living it walking around London.

How do long do walks last?

Standard London tours are 90 minutes but crossing busy roads, answering questions and (on liars' ones) extended performances can stretch this to nearer 2 hours. Also you should allow an extra 20 minutes for any pub stops. We can deliver shorter or longer walks to suit you though.

How much are they?

Standard rate for all basic tours is 100 for up to 12 people. 150 for up to 20 and 50.00 for couples. Other rates apply to bespoke tours or educational groups.

How do I book?

Just contact us about booking a tour as a group or couple and you get to walk when you want (latest start time so far has been 11 PM) and where you want. All our public tours are bookable through Paypal or on day (if you let us know you are coming).

Where do the walks start from and finish?

With group bookings we are happy to twist start and end points to suit you but every public tour starts near a transport hub or easy to find landmark. We'll provide contact numbers and keep phones on for early part of tour in case anyone is late.

Do you adapt tours to suit different age groups or backgrounds?

All you need to do is ask. We have worked with school groups, youth organisations, people learning English, colleges from Germany, Holland, France and the US as well as charities for children to the elderly and have redesigned walks for people with different physical requirements.

Do you have a favourite London story?

Yes. However it changes, at least, fortnightly depending on mood and what research has turned up.

What about the weather?

London (like the rest of the UK) certainly has a lot of weather and yet very rarely is it all that extreme. In over a decade of tour guiding only one tour has ever been abandoned at mid point due to rain when, what can only be described as, a biblical event involving rain, hail, lightening and just possibly amphibians hit Brockwell Park in Brixton. There was another occasion when similar event prevented a tour from starting but we just reimbursed everyone and held a "virtual" tour in the pub which happened to be the start point. Oh and finally I did have to end one tour with a family from Ohio because it was too hot. This will never happen again in London if I live to be a hundred. Essentially then, in the words of the song, we walk on in the wind, walk on in the rain and tend not be afraid of the storm. It's relatively easy on many of tours to find shelter and precautionary umbrellas are advised on cloudy days and comfortable shoes on all.
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